Third Part: Logo Project

Last but not least, the logo project. The task is to create a visual identity for my comic, which formed in a logo. The logo can be either a masthead for the comic title or a corporate identity for the comics publishing or indeed both.

So I decide to create the logo for my own comics which has been developed since years ago with my friend who is the writer for this comics entitled ‘Dye Light.’ The comics is about a story of a little girl named Eli who lives alone in an abandoned apartment and her only friend is this mysterious man named Tom who lives across the street. Eli is a girl who loves to write diary and keep a journal of her daily conversation with Tom. They have a unique way of communication which is through morse code that conveyed by a flashlight. Then I took this equipment and a simplified look of the little girl to be the identity in the logo, which I put inside the word “D” and outside the word “T” respectively.

Original Logo

logo applicationLogo application on cover

There is another logo on the cover image above, on the right-bottom of it I also put the corporate identity for my comics. Which is a creative start-up company that I and two of my friends created few years ago, called Three Mantis. I work as the artist, one of my friend works as the content creator (writer), and the other one works in the marketing area. Even though we are now separated but we still hope to continue working together in the future, as now all of us is trying to improve our skills and gain more experiences. The company name itself is based on our similarity, which is the reluctance towards cockroach and when we sat down together to find our company name we found out that there is a particular animal who is a cockroach predator: the praying mantis. Thus we conclude our company name to be Three Mantis.

Logo sketch and final look


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