Drawing Process: Thumbnails

Now we enter the drawing process, and the first stage is to create thumbnails or some sketches for the comics before the inking stage. I use a mechanical pencil for this as i want to have a constant sharpness with my pencil and mechanical one is very suitable for that. I also sketch my thumbnails roughly and not very detail as i just want enough visualisation and rough layout for every page. And i feel that if i already draw in too much detail with my pencil, i’ll feel like i draw it twice (with the inking process) and that’s not very useful for me.

So here are some pictures from the early stage of my drawing process:


I used a lot of references for my drawings to get an actual feeling of the story and human’s expressions and fortunately in this day we can get a lot of references pictures online and i want to make sure that i make the most out of it to my comics. I’m very interested to human’s feeling and the expression that they make out of it. Moreover, in this particular comics my main character has a conflict within himself and i want to depict it expressively. At this time i realise that i still need some practice to have a freedom on illustrating it.


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