Digital Stage: Lettering and Finishing.

So the manual stage is done and digital era comes. I learned a lot about lettering after some consultations and understand more about how to make a good-professional lettering in comics. For this comics i decide to make the lettering as simple as possible and be consistent with it. Because i want to depict the constant, monotonous narrative of my character with the letterings. Untitled-2

I also distinguish the upper and lowercase of my lettering to distinguish my character’s state of life. At the very first page i use all capital letters  and for the rest of the pages i use a lowercase letters.



This stand alone comics is a great first step for me to start writing and draw my own comics, for i never done it before. I realise there is still so much to do for me before i could actually make a great comics that could inspire the readers but practice makes perfect, doesn’t it? As Katsuhiro Otomo (creator of Akira) says :

“All you have to do is buckle down while you’re young and draw as much as you can, and you’ll get really good at it. You keep correcting yourself a little bit at a time, so your work really changes. Eventually you hit a point where you feel really free, like you can draw anything the way you want. Drawing for a long time helps you see things you didn’t see before, in terms of composition, in terms of poses.”

I still have no idea what will i do with this comics exactly for the future, but i’m certain that i’ve learned a lot from it.


I use “JIO” as my pen-name because i have previously done it in my own developed comics few years ago and i decided to use it again.


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