Story Development

After lots of consideration and contemplation, i decide to change my story a little bit in order to make it more structured and be more subtle so that it won’t be too ambiguous and bleak.

Basically, my story has three stages in it, which are:


For this first part, Alfred is living his dream as a rockstar and playing a really loud music.

The Hollow Years

Then Alfred broke his ears due to the loud music that he played. Became a deaf person and couldn’t play his music again, Alfred went depressed and ignoring everyone in his life. Years after that horrible accident, he become a homeless person who sleeps in an isolated alley with a strayed dog. He has lost any purpose of his life and one day he decided to end his life.


Alfred reached his old harmonica that he used to play back in his days and wanted to play it once more before it all ends. Surprisingly, the dog enjoys his music and it makes him feel some spark in his heart that he never felt for God knows how long. After that blissful moment, Alfred goes out to the street and try to share his music and see people’s reaction towards his music. Then after some time, he finally saw that his music still could reach and affect other people. Covered in joy, he closed his eyes and “come back home” at last.



The next step is to create the script for this story.  Actually i never made any script before and i know that i’m not good at it……….ermm… stuck a little bit in this stage…………. But then i realised that i have experiences to convert script into comics, and so i thought that perhaps it would be best for me to just make a plot breakdown page by page. Then i’ll put the detail afterwards when i draw the comic. Cheerio!


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